Cardiology Innovations

Cardiology Innovations Hackathon is a competition that consists in creating innovative IT solutions using for contemporary cardiology, supporting physicians’ work and improving lives of both patients with circulatory system diseases, as well as their relatives.

Following the success of the first edition of Hackathon in 2018, we would like to invite you to take part in the second edition of the competition. This year we decided to make the competition more challening and to organise an international Hackathon. We have invited Dresden University of Technology to be part of this endeavor.

The second edition of the event is held under the honorary patronage of His Magnificence Rector of Wroclaw Medical University and the Mayor of Wroclaw. It is organised by casusBTL Group together with Wroclaw Medical University and Dresden University of Technology.

This year’s edition of the competition focuses on professional systems for predicting health condition of patients with heart failure.

Following the submission of the most interesting projects aimed at solving issued that had been defined and discussed earlier, 10 teams will qualify for the competition.

Cardiology Innovations Hackathon is more than just a programming race. Solutions created within Hackathon will be evaluated not only in terms of their comprehensiveness and the level of implementation but also innovation and clinical application.


Despite huge progress in understanding of pathophysiology, implementation of new therapeutic methods and prophylaxis, heart failure is posing an ever growing health and social problem in Europe. Nowadays it is the only cardiovascular disease with increasing incidence. It is estimated that from 600 000 to 700,000 Polish people suffer from heart failure.

Heart failure is a fatal disease but it can be prevented and effectively treated by early diagnosis and multidirectional therapy, elimination of risks factors and preventing exacerbation.

That's where we see our mission - improving the e-health sector, making use of the potential of modern IT. Together with the participants of Hackathon and under the guidance of mentors and experts, we intend to create expert systems which enable predicting health condition of patients with heart failure, contributing to decrease of decompensations and increase of patients’ awareness.


We invite all interested parties - not only medical and technical students, but also experienced programmers, physicians, and specialists in psychology, marketing and medical equipment.

Do you have an idea but no team? All is not lost yet! Send us your application and we will arrange a team for you. Write us who you are and what kind of role you see yourself in and we will do our best so that you can effectively use your skills effectively. Just check the option 'I HAVE NO TEAM’ when filling in the register form.


Start thinking today and gather all the knowledge you can about heart failure.

Analyse relationships between factors impacting on the course and progression of the disease.
Make use of the knowledge of mentors and experts, scientific articles, EBM, clinical data.
Draw conclusions to build a knowledge base and create an expert system which will be able to prognose the condition of a patient with heart failure.

Your software can be dedicated to patients to simplify control of the disease, but also to physicians to support them in making decisions.


The task for the team is:

to develop of a conception of an expert system and to create a prototype of an interactive application prototype, present its user interface and key functions.

Writing a complete code and presenting the prepared solution would be an additional asset


PRIZES for the winning team
Cardiology Innovations Hackathon 2019